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Guanajuato, is an important states of our country for the filming industry.

On June 27, 2014, Legislative Decree number 179 was published in the third part of the Official Gazette of the State Government, number 102; through which the Law for the Promotion of the Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industry of the state of Guanajuato is issued.

As of fiscal year 2015, the Ministry of Tourism will have the Fund for the Promotion of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Activities, which is contemplated in the Law of the General Expenditure Budget of the state of Guanajuato


The Fund for the Promotion of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Activities is created and its purpose is the permanent development and promotion of the Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industry, which allows to support domestic film producers, as well as to promote the tourist attractions of the state of Guanajuato

With the aim of supporting actions aimed at the promotion and development of the Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industry in the state of Guanajuato, which would mean an increase in the number of jobs, hotel occupancy, economic income and the mechanism to reflect through the Cinematographic and Audiovisual productions the cultural, material and immaterial beautyness that Guanajuato possesses, and at the same time attracting tourists to the entity.


Support actions aimed at promoting and developing the cinematographic and audiovisual industry in the State, since it constitutes an artistic, educational and cultural expression;

Promote on a national and international level the tourist attractions, historical sites, natural beauties, towns and cities that strengthen the Guanajuato identity;

Facilitate administrative procedures and steps to support and promote the development of the film and audiovisual industry in the state.


Formulate and coordinate actions aimed at promoting, serving and developing the cinematographic and audiovisual industry in the state;

Promote the obtaining of resources from public and private organizations, the granting of material, operational, logistical and technical support, which contribute to developing the cinematographic and audiovisual industry of the state;

Promote domestic and internationally the tourist attractions of the state that can be used as a location for the production of cinematographic or audiovisual projects;

Encourage and promote the cultural identity of the state through cinematographic and audiovisual activities;

Advise and assist producers in the search for locations and logistics that require obtaining services for film and audiovisual production;

Promote the signing of agreements or conventions with the authorities or the private initiative, in order to provide security conditions in the development of the activities of the cinematographic and audiovisual industry;

Offer and promote the service that represents administrative simplification called one-stop shop for guidance and management of procedures;

Prepare, promote and keep updated the records of the service provider, producers and locations for consultation, as well as the producer’s guide, in the terms established by the regulations of the Law;

Evaluate, select and approve the cinematographic and audiovisual projects that will benefit from the support or resources of the Fund, in accordance with the provisions of this Law; and following the operating rules established in the regulations;

Manage the resources of the Fund, promote and stimulate cinematographic and audiovisual production, experimentation and research;

Promote the holding of festivals, contests, exhibitions and other similar activities related to the film and audiovisual industry.


Create a synergy and participation of all public and private actors to achieve strategic alliances that allow us to consolidate ourselves as one of the main recurring and favorite film destinations in national and international markets.

This is intended to strengthen the social, educational, economic, artistic, cultural and tourist development for the state of Guanajuato and the film industry;

As well as the operation of a one-stop shop for guidance and management of procedures for the activities carried out by the Commission. And at the same time, act as a facilitator of their management and attraction.

Count on the integration, operation and updating of the producer registry, service provider registry and location registry… as information and consultation instruments for dissemination purposes.

Promote improvements to the legislation that impacts tourist activity in the state of Guanajuato, and monitor its compliance in the sphere of its competence.

Develop intelligence on tourism regulations for regulatory improvement for the benefit of the tourism sector and design and implement mechanisms to improve the application of legislation and regulations at the municipal level.

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